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Flexovit 10kg Sand Blasting Grit Mix 30/60 - 66243478552

SKU: A5489382

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  • 10kg bucket
  • Grit: Garnet 30/60
  • Economical blasting grade grit, which can be used in a variety of applications
  • Offering fast & efficient removal of existing coatings in all blasting applications.
  • Suitable for paint stripping, rust removal, ingrained dirt, intricate jobs & surface preparation

Flexovit 10kg Sand Blasting Grit Mix 30/60

Whether cleaning up parts whilst restoring a car or knocking the paint and rust off old tools you will be thankful of the ease at which a sand blaster can make this happen. This 10kg bucket of Sand Blasting Grit is a course mix of garnet that is suitable for paint stripping, rust removal, removing ingrained dirt and surface preparation to help you tackle the toughest or fiddliest jobs which would otherwise take hours.

The use of Garnet as a media for blasting is probably one of the safest and most cost effective grits available on the market. Their uniform size and ability to be reused over and over makes them the ideal choice for your home Sand Blasting Cabinet and since it doesn't break down significantly, it provides greater visibility and less dust creation. Suitable for most general purpose abrasive blasting depending on grade, Garnet can be used anywhere where sand blasting or aluminium oxide blasting is used.

Sand or media blasting requires large volumes of high pressured air to power the guns and media to work as required. Just because a compressor has a higher litres per minute flow doesn't mean that this is at a high enough pressure or velocity to adequately allow the blasted media to do its job. Many of the smaller direct drive or single piston air compressors in our range would not be sufficient to power a sand blaster. A Belt drive compressor with a larger capacity are the go to options to provide the volume and pressure needed to make your sand blaster work effectively.

Browse online or shop in store our range of Air hoses and equipment to set up your workshop and have the versatility that a home sand blasting setup brings to getting the job done.

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