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Product Description

Kit out your garage right with this industrial Bench Grinder

Look in any old timers' garage or modern automotive workshop and you'll often see a bench grinder tucked in the corner or mounted on a bench ready for use. They're the type of equipment that is so versatile for all manner of jobs that once you get one you'll wonder how you did without it for so long.

Setting yourself up with this quality industrial bench grinder will give you the ability to undertake all manner of jobs not just within the workshop but for household tasks as well. Dependant on the wheels used you can be

  • Cutting - Will cut all manner of hard materials from steel to wood
  • Sharpening - Return a sharp edge to damaged lawnmower blades, chisels, saw blades and other cutting tools
  • Grinding - Smooth course edges or remove excess material whether it be steel, aluminium or any other hard material
  • Buffing and Polishing - Use a buffing wheel and a buffing compound to shine and restore chrome parts, aluminium or metal components or even plastic indicator lenses that have become faded and weather beaten over time.

Selecting the right grinding / cutting or polishing wheel is important as is the right speed and angle at which you introduce the material to the wheel. Another vitally important step before undertaking any task with a bench grinder is to be sure of having the right protective equipment. Repco stock a wide range of safety glasses as well as gloves to ensure that you are well protected whilst working on the job.

Invest in one of the true workshop all-rounders and get cracking on all those jobs that are just made for this reliable and solid machine. Whether it be the fine manicured lawn from a lawn mower with sharp blades or the razor sharp chisel that effortlessly cuts through timber you will be thankful of the ease in which a bench grinder accomplishes these tasks.