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Satisfying Pressure Washing With Power and Ease

The Mechpro Blue 7HP Petrol Pressure Washer is great for around the property including cleaning decks, driveways, the exterior of the house, removing mold and moss from the fence, cleaning off the boat and giving the motorbike, muscle car and daily driver a clean ready for summer.

If you're looking for a high-spec pressure washer, this 7HP Mechpro Blue petrol pressure washer is for you. Featuring a reliable 212cc OHV 4 stroke motor with a brass pump head and stainless steel pistons, this unit is ready to tackle any job you can throw at it. It has a 3.6L fuel tank for a longer run time and 4 engine mounts to reduce vibration. With 9.5L per minute at 3100PSI you'll effortlessly be finished the cleaning in no time. Quick connect 1 of 5 stainless steel fittings to match the task at hand.

  • Max Pressure: 3100PSI
  • Max Flow Rate:9.5L/min
  • 8M Braided high pressure hose
  • Weigh: 30.1kg 4L Built in detergent tank
  • 4 x Rubber engine mounts
  • 3.6L Fuel tank
  • 212cc OHV 4 Stroke engine
  • 30cm Wheels
  • Built-in mesh water filter
  • Brass pump head with stainless steel pistions

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