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Impact Socket Sets

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Repco 33 Piece Master Impact Socket Set - 1/2In Drive - RTK3216
Mechpro Blue 14 Piece Impact Socket - 1/2in Drive - MPBSK134K
Mechpro Blue 10 Piece Deep Impact Socket Set - 1/2inch Drive - MPBSK139K
Mechpro Blue 10 Piece Impact Socket - 1/2in Drive - MPBSK133K
Repco 10 Piece Impact Hex Socket Set - 1/2In Drive - RTK2128
Repco 12 Piece Deep Impact Socket Set - 1/2In Drive - RTK2124
Repco 4 Piece Wheel Nut Socket Set - RTK2145
Mechpro Blue 4 Piece Wheel Nut Set 1/2in Drive - MPBSK135K
Mechpro Blue 8 Piece Impact Hex Bit Set - 1/2in Drive - MPBSK132K
Repco 34 Piece Impact Socket EVA Tray - RTK39205
Mechpro Blue 10 Piece Impact Socket Set - 1/2inch Drive - MPBSK138K
Repco 20 Piece Impact Socket Set - 1/2In Drive - RTK2122
Repco 9 Piece Impact Adaptor Set - RTK22125
Repco 11 Piece Impact Torx Soclet Set - 1/2In Drive - RTK2126
Repco 6 Piece Wheel Nut Socket Set - 1/2In Drive - RTK2140
Endeavour Tools 3 Piece Wheel Nut Socket Set - ETR3
Action 28 Piece 1/2in Drive Combo Deep Set - 605222801
Action 5 Piece Adaptor Set - 640110501
Action 4 Piece 1/2in Drive Wheel Nut Set - 611260401
Action 6 Piece 1/2in Drive Accessory Set - 640210601
Showing 1 - 20 of 130 products
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Tough nuts to crack need Repco's range of Impact Sockets

Putting any sort of significant torque or jolt through your conventional chrome sockets can cause them to break or warp from this abuse and whilst suitable for most wrenching applications will not suffice in situations where only an impact socket can handle this increased pressure.

Today's technology has seen an abundance of cordless and rechargeable impact wrench options available in the market and these are ideal to be coupled with a quality impact sockets set to tackle any of your automotive jobs. With the torque ratings on these tools ranging anywhere from a couple of hundred foot pounds up to over a thousand pounds it is wise from both a cost and also safety perspective to ensure you use impact sockets to safely fasten or undo your nuts. Impact sockets are carbonized / drop forged to harden their surface hence their black appearance and this treatment allows for use with high torque impact wrenches or rattle guns as they are more commonly known.

Investing in a quality set of impact sockets will allow you to tackle many of your automotive repairs with confidence knowing they are up to the task of handling high torque outputs and capable of withstanding the rigours of most garage and workshop settings and will last for many years to come. Shop the full range of torx, hex, deep and conventional impact sockets online or visit a Repco store near you to browse and purchase the right set of impact sockets for your next job.

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