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Foxwell OBD2 Scan Tool and Code Reader - ET2707

SKU: A5298839

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  • Colour screen
  • Live data graphing
  • Auto VIN recognition
  • Trouble code database & much more
  • Turn off Check Engine Light
  • Easy to use standalone unit
  • Compatible with most 2006 & newer cars and SUVs
  • Both petrol & diesel
  • Free lifetime updates
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Check Engine Light on? Get the answer yourself by using the Foxwell OBDII Scanner

Whether you're a general DIY'er and love troubleshooting your vehicles, or you possess professional-like skills in repairing your family or friend's cars, then owning a Foxwell ET2707 OBDII code reader can help you save money and time, helping you diagnose what faults your check engine light is throwing codes for. It stops the anxiety, the endless and expensive lengths of changing multiple parts in your car, then finding it still hasn't fixed the root cause problem.

The OBDII standard provides lists of standardised DTC error codes from their database. DTC codes are 4 digit, preceded by P powertrain, B body, C chassis and U network. The Foxwell ET2707 reader has the ability to read these codes, with the added functionality that enables OBD2 codes to be cleared once the repair has been completed and the ability to turn off the check engine light.

The Foxwell ET2707 is compatible with the most common of OBDII compliant Australian cars which include Ford, Holden, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota and will work across petrol and diesel operated cars and SUV's. Most cars since 2006 are OBDII compliant but best to check your owners manual first

How do you use the OBDII scanner?

An OBD2 scan tool is relatively simple to use. Whilst different models carry different functionality, the general process and usage of an OBD2 scanner is quite consistent.

  • Ensure that your car is OBDII compliant. The connector is alwas located within 200mm of the steering column
  • Turn off the power of your vehicle. Take the Foxwell ET2707 OBD2 scanner and plug it into the OBD2 port under the dash. The scanner will turn on from the car's power source once it is inserted into the OBD2 port.
  • Once the scanner is connected then your car on and wait for the OBDII scanner to boot up. This will be done automatically. If not, press the power button to initialise.
  • When the scanner is on and ready, the ET2707 will automatically pick up the specific data from your vehicle's VIN identifier.
  • Once this has been completed, the scanner will begin to analyse and read your vehicle's diagnostic system.
  • After scanning the systems of your vehicle, the OBD2 scanner will then provide any codes the scanner has found. Take note of these codes and use the manual to check these codes to get a full understanding of what they refer to and what they mean.
  • Once you have found and fixed your problem, then you can go ahead and clear the code

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