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Car Batteries

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Repco by Century 4x4 & SUV Car Battery N70ZZLX MF Ultimate Performance
Repco by Century Car Battery Q85 MF Stop Start Q85 MF
Repco by Century Car Battery 55D23LB SMF Superior Performance
Repco by Century Car Battery DIN65LH MF Superior Performance
Repco by Century 4x4 & SUV Battery N70ZZLB SMF Superior Performance
Repco by Century Car Battery 55D23L MFR Reliable Performance
Repco by Century Stop Start & Hybrid Battery DIN65LH AGM

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Repco by Century 4x4 & SUV Battery N70ZZL MFR Reliable Performance
Repco by Century 4x4 & SUV Battery N70ZZX MF Ultimate Performance
Repco by Century Car Battery DIN65L MF Superior Performance
Repco by Century Car Battery DIN75L MF Superior Performance
Repco by Century Car Battery 68 MF Ultimate Performance
Repco by Century Car Battery 75D23L MF Ultimate Performance
Repco by Century Car Battery DIN53LH MF Superior Performance
Repco by Century Car Battery DIN65L MFR Reliable Performance
Repco by Century 4x4 & SUV Battery NS70LX MF Ultimate Performance
Repco by Century Car Battery NS60LSX MF Ultimate Performance
Repco by Century Car Battery DIN44L MF Superior Performance
Repco by Century Car Battery NS60LS SMF Superior Performance
Showing 1 - 19 of 71 products

When looking for your next car battery replacement trust Repco car batteries

Your New Battery From Repco Is Manufactured by Century, the Market Leader in Battery Technology and Performance

Offering outstanding value coupled with superior and reliable starting power your new car battery from Repco provides long term reliability and confidence every time you turn the key. Incorporating rugged construction, long lasting internal components and backed by substantial warranties the Repco battery range will keep you on the move in the harshest climates and toughest driving conditions.

Don't be at the mercy of a flat battery or an old battery when you can use our Rego Search function that allows Repco to provide their battery replacement services and select the right battery for your vehicle.

Signs To Replace a Car Battery

Whether in stop-start traffic or miles from the nearest town, your car battery is relied upon to power your vehicle and run the electrical systems and critical functions. No one likes to feel the dread of turning the key and nothing happening so don't ignore signs of a dying battery when starting and driving your vehicle.

Tell-tale signs of poor battery health include slow engine cranking or hard starting, illuminated check engine light or battery warning lights, a bloated or misshapen battery exterior casing, or any evidence of battery fluid leaks or weeping. If you notice any of these issues with your existing battery, it's time to invest in a quality Repco replacement car battery. For more information on diagnosing, replacing, and maintaining your battery, visit the Repco battery maintenance page.

When choosing a battery for your car or passenger vehicle, there are three options depending on your needs. All models are maintenance free and provide solid cold cranking amps to offer reliable starting power and performance, however there are some differences.

  • 20-month warranty: Standard replacement battery
  • 30-month warranty: Improved internal components for exceptional corrosion resistance.
  • 40-month warranty: Improved strength and durability, superior starting power, and performance. Ideal for running additional accessories such as amps or driving lights.

Each Repco car battery comes with a nation-wide warranty. If your battery fails within the listed warranty period (20, 30, or 40 months), pop into any Repco store across the country to organise a replacement. Repco's range of quality batteries are designed to suit today's modern vehicles as well as boats, RVs, and whatever needs the power and superior performance of a quality battery from Repco.

Enjoy Longer Battery Life With Repco

Repco batteries feature thick cast plates which offer longer service life and superior internal-corrosion resistance with enhanced plate paste to reduce water loss, making all of our batteries maintenance free or low maintenance where necessary.

Our batteries are built tough. With an expanded grid design, high porosity polyethylene envelope separator and polypropylene casing, Repco batteries offer uniform strength with maximum puncture resistance to resist damage on even the harshest of road conditions. For optimal safety when in use, Repco replacement car batteries feature a clever 'flame arrestor' which is integrated into the battery's venting system. This protects the battery from explosions or other damage if subjected to an external ignition source in the event of a fire or collision.

The Repco Range Has You Covered

So, whether you are looking for deep cycle batteries for that trip away, start-stop batteries for modern vehicles, SUV, and motorcycle batteries, we have the range and particular battery to suit your requirements. Don't be swayed by second-hand cheap car batteries to get you out of trouble when all our batteries have the reliable cranking amps and performance that come from Century batteries renowned research and development.

The Repco range of car and SUV batteries coupled with our quality ranges of battery charger, battery jump starters, and jumper leads ensure you have the ability to drive with confidence.

Use our handy rego search function to find your vehicle, shop the range of batteries on offer or come in store and discuss your battery requirements with any of our friendly staff. With the best battery prices, a huge range of batteries, and 100 years of service, you can trust Repco.

Popular Questions Asked

How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

Car batteries on average last about three to five years but, if they're not taken care of, this can be cut down to one or two years.

Not leaving your car unused for lengthy periods is one way to extend your battery life. Performing maintenance like regularly cleaning your battery, testing its voltage, and avoiding excessive use of electronic accessories while your car engine isn't running will all help your battery to last longer as well.

What Drains a Car Battery?

There are many things that drain a car battery. Headlights and interior lights such as the one in your glove box, boot, or even vanity mirror lights.

Drain from electronics like the car stereo, phone chargers, and lights is also made worse when the car is switched off, as the battery isn't being actively charged when the engine isn't running.

Leaving your fob in your car or even nearby it can also drain the battery due to the fob communicating with the car.

If your battery hasn't been maintained and it has corroded connections, this can cause extra drain and damage to the battery. Problems with your alternator will also cause issues with your battery, as it usually helps the battery maintain charge while the engine is on, so keeping your alternator in check will naturally improve battery life.

The way you drive your car can also affect how long your battery lasts. If you take lots of short trips (driving 15 minutes or less) or if you leave your car inactive for long periods, your battery isn't going to be consistently charging and will wear down faster.

How Long Does a Car Battery Stay Charged if Not Driven?

New car batteries will generally keep their charge longer than older ones and can last up to two weeks without being driven. To be safe, you'll want to start your car for at least 15 minutes every week in order to keep the battery charged.

Where Can I Recycle My Car Battery?

Repco offers battery recycling services at its stores and, thanks to partnering with Century Yuasa, is able to recycle them at facilities that ensure the reuse of the majority of their components.

Repco Currently Recycles the Following Batteries:

  • Flooded Lead Acid Battery or Wet Cell
  • Silver Calcium Battery
  • Enhanced Flooded Battery
  • Gel Cell Battery or Dry Cell
  • Absorbent Glass Mat battery or AGM
  • Deep Cycle or Marine Batteries

We Do Not Accept the Following Batteries:

  • Lithium Ion Battery or Li-Ion
  • Nickel Metal Hydride Battery or NiMH

How Do Car Batteries Charge?

The car's alternator charges the battery when the engine is on, acting as a generator driven by a belt from the engine. Note that if you are running lots of electronics and lights, you might be using more charge from the battery than the alternator can produce, draining the battery faster than it can be recharged.

What Size Battery for My Car

Repco's Rego Search allows you to input your vehicle's details and see the Repco batteries that will fit your car. Alternatively, you can check your vehicle's manual for the correct battery group size. Getting an undersized or oversized battery can cause issues with how your car runs, so make sure that when you replace your battery you select the right one for your vehicle.

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