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Century Battery Monitor for Smartphone - BM12V

SKU: A5492004

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  • Wirelessly Monitor Battery Voltage
  • Starting & Charging Tests
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Suitable for all 12V Lead Acid Batteries
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Download App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
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When looking for your next battery replacement trust Repco to be your number one choice

Our extensive Century battery range includes some of the most technically advanced products in the market place. Century batteries have been specially developed to help fight the causes of battery failure and deliver what motorists really want, longer life and reliable performance.

Offering outstanding value coupled with superior and reliable starting power your new car battery from Century provides long term reliability and confidence every time you turn the key. Incorporating rugged construction, long lasting internal components and backed by substantial warranties the Century battery range will keep you on the move in the harshest climates and toughest driving conditions.

Don't be at the mercy of a flat battery or an old battery when you can use our Rego search function that allows Repco to provide you a battery replacement service and helps select the right battery for your vehicle.

Signs to replace a car battery

Whether in stop start traffic or miles from the nearest town your car battery is relied upon to power your vehicle and run the electrical systems and critical functions. No one likes to feel the dread of turning the key and nothing happens so don't ignore signs of a dying battery when starting and driving your vehicle.

Tell-tale signs of poor battery health include slow engine cranking or hard starting, illuminated check engine light or battery warning lights, a bloated or misshapen battery exterior casing or any evidence of battery fluid leaks or weeping. If you notice any of these issues with your existing battery, it's time to invest in a quality Century replacement car battery. For more information on diagnosing, replacing, and maintaining your battery, visit the Repco battery maintenance page.

When choosing a battery for your car or passenger vehicle, there are different warranty options depending on your needs. All models are maintenance free and provide solid cold cranking amps to offer reliable starting power and performance, however there are some differences. With every car, truck and boat having different batteries in size, shape and terminal layout, get into your local store to ask our knowledgeable staff to find the right battery for you, all under the one roof.

With Century being one of the leading brands you will be sure to find the right replacement battery with Repco. For almost 100 years Century have grown to become a household name in automotive batteries both in Australia and New Zealand. Forged on a reputation for both quality and innovation their range continues to set the benchmark for stored energy solutions. As the demands on batteries and stored energy in modern vehicles continues to gain pace Century have strived to provide the technology and quality assurance needed to power vehicles of today.

The Century range of car, deep cycle, ISS and heavy duty batteries coupled with our quality ranges of battery chargers, battery jumpstarters and jumper leads ensure you have the ability to drive with confidence.

Use our handy rego search function to find your vehicle, shop the range of batteries on offer or come in store and discuss your battery requirements with any of our friendly staff. With the best battery prices, a huge range of batteries and 100 years of service you can trust Repco.

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