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Repco 12v 800A Sealed AGM Battery Jump Starter - RCJS800

SKU: A5483557
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  • Unique, Compact, Lightweight Design
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Anti-Surge and Spark Protection
  • Suitable for Jumpstarting a host of vehicles
  • Built-in USB sockets for powering or recharging portable devices
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Get charged up and back on the road - Repco 12V Compact Jump Starter

Imagine this, its the first day of spring and you're about to take a drive through the twisties with your mates in your Aussie muscle car or Japanese joy machine. You turn the key and anticipate a rush of galloping horsepower but all that happens is a slow, lifeless, disappointing crank before grinding to a halt. If you have a car you store for extended periods of time or and older machine with a temperamental charging system, a portable jump starter is a must-have and a great alternative to replacing expensive batteries every time they go dead. The Repco Compact Jump Starter is a great companion thanks to its user-friendly form factor, differently to other bulky jump starters, it can be stored neatly in the boot or luggage compartment of most vehicles, along with its included battery leads and handy protective carry bag. Also, thanks to its state-of-the-art AGM (absorbed glass matt) battery, it won't spill battery acid all over the inside of your car if it tips over. When in use, the intelligent low-voltage-detection will sound an alarm when the battery dips below 60% if the switch is in the on position, so you always know how much juice you have on board.

The Repco 12V Compact Jump Starter is offered in three different sizes, if you're unsure of which is best suited to your application then check out this simple guide below:

  • 800 amp - Petrol vehicles up to 2.0L, motorcycles and ATVs
  • 1200amp - Petrol vehicles up to 3.5L, motorcycles & ATVs
  • 1700 amp - Petrol vehicles up to 5.0L, diesel vehicles up to 3.5L, motorcycles and ATVs.

The whole range of Repco 12V Compact Jump Starters also come equipped with two 2.4 amp USB outputs so if you're away camping for the weekend or broken down on the side of the road with a dead phone, just plug your USB charger in and charge up your devices. Not limited to mobile phones, the USB outputs allow the 12 volt jumpstarter to function as a regular power bank, charging anything which is USB compatible. Jump starting a car can seem like a daunting task with the potential for over-loading, fires etc with older and more industrial jump starters. Luckily, the Repco 12V Jump Starter simplifies the process and packs on board heaps of features to make sure you remain safe and your battery is ready to rock with MOSFET technology which protects against short circuits, reverse polarity, power surging and sparking. Once the jump starter needs recharging, simply hook it up to 240v power in your house, garage or workshop and the in-built 3 stage smart-charger will do its thing to get things back to 100%. Once it's there, the charger will keep its self topped off and ready to go for the next battery emergency.

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