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Narva Electronic Flasher 12/24V 2 Pin - 68282

SKU: A8756034
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  • Manufactured in Europe.
  • Rated to 500,000 cycles with a braided power strap for a increased reliability.
  • Avalaible in a range of amp ratings in 12V or 24V, 4 or 5 pin configurations with resistor or diode protection.

Narva Relays - OEM quality and performance rated to half a million cycles

Narva automotive relays are manufactured with European quality in accordance with strict ISO Standards which regulate quality, manufacturing procedures, longevity etc. Each Narva automotive relay is built to OEM standards which means when fitting a replacement relay, you can drive with confidence that it will perform just the same, if not better, than the relays fitted to your car when it rolled off the factory floor. OEM standardisation also means that your new relays can be directly installed in place of the originals with no fitment issues or surprises. The high quality replacement automotive relay from Narva are rated to a whopping 500,000 cycles, that's half a million times you can switch on your headlights, beep your horn or use your turn signals before the relay needs replacing. Narva sell replacement relays for a whole plethora of vehicles, as well as for aftermarket applications.

In simple terms, a relay is an electrical switch which converts small electrical currents into larger high-output currents. Relays can reduce the need for high-amperage wiring and switches which are bulky and expensive and can pose a higher risk when installed inside a car. A relay does all the hard work by pulling power usually straight from the battery and using a secondary switched power source to trigger the circuit. For aftermarket applications, wiring like a pro is not as difficult as you might think. With a set of electrical tools, connectors, terminals and some electrical cable you can wire in your driving lights, winches, 12v sockets or air compressors like an absolute pro. To view our whole range of electrical accessories, browse the website or head into your local Repco store today and speak with one our friendly staff.