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LiveTrack Stealth GPS Tracker - LTGPS4G

LiveTrack Stealth GPS Tracker - LTGPS4G

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Get security and peace of mind from a GPS tracker on your vehicle

As we all know, car theft is on the rise and when it seems no vehicle is immune you have to do what you can to stay one step ahead of the crooks. This is where fitting a GPS tracker pays off in spades, as having a car tracker mounted on your vehicle you are able to track it's location, all with the ease of your smart phone.

When you've spent your hard earned on a top dollar restoration or just for your daily drive, it makes sense to protect it with a car gps tracker tucked away out of sight. With a car tracker device being small and unobtrusive you have the ability to locate it in many spots on your vehicle that thieves wouldn't even think to look. This enables you to track and locate your vehicle before it becomes just another statistic and you spend hours on the phone to your insurance company.

There are all sorts of reasons why you might need GPS tracker. It is not just a simple matter of preventing or detecting theft, although it is a very effective tool in that regard. You might want to keep track of your staff or loved ones while they are out on the road. You might want to know exactly where your friends or family are located while out in the boat, in case they get into difficulties and need assistance. Whatever your reason may be, you can rest assured that installing a tracker device will put your mind at ease.

Stocking not just a GPS tracker for your property, Repco have a wide range of in-car connectivity products to enable seamless integration of your phone into your vehicle. We also stock a wide variety of quality dash cams to also keep you and your vehicle safe when you are out on the road.