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Simple, free battery recycling at Repco

Graham Reynolds | 27 June 2022 | 2 minutes to read

Here at Repco, we are extremely proud to be able to offer a free battery recycling programme to all our customers, thanks to Century Yuasa. By simply bringing your old battery in to your local Repco store, you are helping the environment and keeping your garage clean. 98% of a 12V lead acid battery can be recycled – imagine all the plastic, lead and acid that is saved from landfill through this programme!

Century Yuasa’s Used Lead Acid Battery (ULAB) program and commitment to environmental sustainability has seen Century achieve SAI Global ISO14001 environmental accreditation, an international standard outlining the requirements for a structured approach to environmental protection and responsibility.

  1. Why recycle a car battery?
  2. What types of batteries can be recycled?
  3. Do I get charged to recycle a car battery

Why recycle your old car battery?

Lead acid batteries cannot be disposed of in your rubbish/recycling bin at home. If the battery acid or the gasses produced by a battery is leaked into the environment, it can be harmful to people, animals, plants and waterways. Repco is a convenient place to take your battery for disposal. With more than 300 stores country-wide, there is bound to be a store near you. 98% of batteries can be recycled and repurposed into everyday products - from cabling to plant pots to detergents.

Repco happily accept your old vehicle batteries for recycling

Repco happily accept your old vehicle batteries for recycling

What types of batteries can be recycled?

In the push for more compact and efficient storage of power batteries are no longer just produced in the traditional lead acid or 'wet' configurations. Technology has seen all manner of different battery types and Repco can accept the following batteries for recycling:-

  • Flooded Lead Acid Battery or Wet Cell. What most people associate with a standard engine starting battery, this format and technology has been around for decades.
  • Silver Calcium Battery. Improved version of a Wet Cell battery
  • Enhanced Flooded Battery - EFB A high performance Wet Cell battery. Found in stop/start vehicles
  • Gel Cell Battery or Dry Cell - A no-spill version of a Wet Cell where the electrolyte is turned to a gel
  • Absorbent Glass Mat battery or AGM - Improved Gel Cell, found in most Stop/Start vehicles
  • Deep Cycle or Marine Batteries. Found in recreational vehicles, usually the 2nd battery in a vehicle set up with dual batteries, boats and watercraft

We are however unable to accept the following non lead acid battery types-

  • Lithium Ion Battery or Li-Ion. Usually found in Hybrid or Electric vehicles
  • Nickel Metal Hydride Battery or NiMH. Similar to the Lithium Ion and often used in Hybrid vehicles and some electric vehicles
leave old batteries under your workbench

Don't just leave old batteries under your workbench gathering dust

Do I get charged for recycling old batteries?

Unlike taking your old car batteries to the local transfer station and paying a fee for disposal, your nearest Repco store can take these off your hands free of charge. Partnering with Century Yuasa batteries enable Repco to have your old battery picked up and responsibly recycled in facilities that divert the majority of components into being reused.

Did you know that recycling old batteries also contributes to the GPC Foundation and helps fund Repco scholarships? It helps to provide people who are disadvantaged find their careers with us. Our goal is to fund 4 scholarships per year with this initiative and we need your help to spread the message! Simply bring in all your old batteries and we will recycle it for you.

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