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Chemical Guys bring their incredible range of car cleaning and detailing products to Repco, with exclusive car washes, waxes, and accessories that will leave your car spotless.

Whether you’re a professional looking to get the best results for your customers or you just need to scrub down the family SUV after a weekend away, Chemical Guys offer a range of products for tackling interior or exterior dirt and grime.

Check out what Chemical Guys has to offer:

  1. Car Wash
  2. Exterior
  3. Interior
  4. Wheels
  5. Accessories

Car Wash

Washing your car might seem like just another chore, but it's actually pretty important for keeping your vehicle in good shape. Your car is constantly exposed to all sorts of stuff like dirt, bird droppings, bugs, and road grime. If you leave that stuff sitting there for too long, it can start to eat away at the paint and even cause rust.

Sudpreme Wash & Wax Car Wash Soap

Chemical Guys understand the importance of a good car wash, with specially formulated cleaners like their Sudpreme Wash & Wax Car Wash Soap offering a high-quality foam wash that also protects.

Big suds help to gently remove dirt and grime as you rinse, and carnauba wax gives your car a lustrous shine once the cleaning is done. All of this comes in one easy to apply formula that’s suitable for your average Joe or professional car washing services.

Citrus Wash and Gloss Concentrated Car Wash

To bring out the vibrant shine of any paint colour, you can use the Chemical Guys Citrus Wash and Gloss Concentrated Car Wash. You’ll get mountains of fluffy suds out of this car wash that’s composed citrus to harness its natural cleaning power.

Simply use a wash mitt to apply this cleaner across your surfaces and experience a streak-free shine that leaves a layer of gloss across your vehicle’s paintjob and lets its true colour shine through.


Maintaining the exterior of your car, including regular waxing, is crucial for both its appearance and long-term health. Road grime can degrade paint and lead to corrosion if left unchecked.

Avoid these problems by giving your car a protective shield against the elements, with Chemical Guys’ Lucent Spray Shine Synthetic Spray Wax. With fantastic results on chrome, glass, and painted surfaces, the versatile spray can be used for quick detailing jobs and to easily remove stubborn grime like bird droppings and even brake dust.

You don’t have to deal with the tedious application process that most car waxes require, instead just spray the lucent shine onto wet or dry surfaces and get a beautiful shine and protective coating in one simple application.

To further expand your waxing arsenal, try Chemical Guys’ Slick Finish Cleaner Wax Light Paint Cleanser & Brilliant Shine Carnauba Wax formula. Use this Brazilian carnauba wax to polish, shine, and protect, as well as remove dirt without scratching your topcoat.

The micro-abrasives and cleaners in this specialised formula remove oxidation, light swirling, and other imperfections, and it uses natural oils to help break down stains and other contaminants on your car’s surfaces.

Replace your complicated multi-step exterior clean with this easy application all-in-one product and get incredible results.


Taking care of your car's interior isn't just about keeping things looking nice; it's about creating a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience while also protecting your investment. Picture this: your car's insides deal with spills, crumbs, dust, and all sorts of mess that can build up over time, causing unpleasant odours and potentially damaging surfaces like leather or fabric.

Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo

Chemical Guys cares about the quality of your interior (and the resale value of your car) and they’ve produced their special Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean Carpet And Upholstery Shampoo to get all the stains out that your kids have made on your car’s carpets.

Remove set-in stains and kill microbes that cause nasty odours with the intense foaming formula boasted by this shampoo. It’s oxygen-infused which helps to lift and separate dirt particles from deep within carpets and upholstery and allow for easy cleanup with a microfibre towel. Because it’s detergent-free and low-moisture, you’ll also avoid the mildew associated with other interior cleaners.

Total Interior Cleaner Black Cherry Scent

If you’re looking for an all-in-one cleaning solution that can handle leather, vinyl, plastic, glass, wood, and cloth, then the specially formulated Total Interior Cleaner from Chemical Guys is the product for you. Rather than carrying buckets worth of cleaners out of your garage every time you need to do an interior clean, save time and money by using one cleaner that can tackle all interior surfaces.

Not only does this product clean, it also protects, offering up a shield from harsh sunlight and helping to prevent cracking and fading of plastic parts. This Total Interior cleaner comes with a fresh Black Cherry Scent while it cleans, without leaving a greasy residue on your interior.


When it comes to cleaning your wheels, you need something that is designed to tackle the tough stuff like brake dust, road grime, and grease, without damaging your wheels. Opting for Chemical Guys’ wheel cleaner over plain soap and water is a game-changer. Sure, soap and water might get the job done, but Chemical Guys’ cleaner takes it up a notch.

Sticky Citrus Gel Wheel and Rim Cleaner

This thick and sticky citrus gel has a high viscosity that will cling to your wheels and rims to help it loosen heavy dirt and grime without sliding off. It’s safe for any wheel type as it’s created from natural citrus extracts and doesn’t have the caustic chemicals often found in heavy cleaners.

Most important of all is that it’s easy to use! Simply spray the Sticky Citrus Gel onto your wheels and rims and let it grip onto the grime you want to scrub off.

Wheelie Wheel & Tyre Brush

Once you’ve got your wheel cleaner sorted, you’ll want a great brush to help remove caked on mud from your last adventure off those tires. Unlike other cleaning brushes, Chemical Guys’ Wheelie Wheel & Tyre Brush offers a sensitive clean using soft synthetic bristles that won’t scratch up your expensive rims.

The bristles are still tough on dirt though, with an ergonomic handle that allows for superior grip when tackling tough mud and grime.


Sometimes you need a bit more than just cleaners and wax to get your car looking tip top. Take your car wash to the next level with Chemical Guys’ range of accessories, now available at Repco.

Big Mouth Max Release Foam Cannon

The first thing you’ll want to get your hands on before you start tackling that muddy 4x4 is the Big Mouth Max Release Foam Cannon, which has a giant head and bottle mouth and a fully adjustable foam stream that jets out thick suds to fully coat your vehicle.

Globs of foamy suds will help to lubricate your car’s surfaces for a scratch-free clean, as well as clinging onto dirt and grime for a more comprehensive clean. The Easy Adjust Foam Knob gives tons of control for the amount of foam you require, and the Big Blow Bezel lets you direct it to the spots that need it most.

You’ve got a huge 1-litre bottle that dilutes your soap evenly and a large valve that gets in tons of air to maximise your foam for the perfect wash.

Speed Mammoth Ultimate Drying Towel

Once you’re done washing, you’ll have to tackle the drying, and there’s no better way to do it than with this ultra-plush drying towel. This huge towel is 60cm x 70cm and more than 1cm thick. Capable of holding close to 2 litres of water, it will soak up liquid from your car’s surface quickly and efficiently.

This huge towel is gentle on surfaces with its blend of microfibre materials and can handle any mess you throw at it, with the option to machine wash it once you’re done washing the family car.