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Kelpro Engine Mount - MT7920

SKU: A5466266
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  • Kelpro are a market leader in OE engine mounts
  • Restores engine stability and ride comfort
  • Engineered for all conditions
  • Rubber and Urethane materials used in fabrication to ensure longevity
  • 2-year or 40,000km Warranty (whichever occurs first)

Trust Quality Kelpro Engine Mounts and Transmission Mounts

Being the market leader in the supply of engine and transmission mount replacements, Kelpro source their product from world-leading OEM and premium aftermarket suppliers to offer you the best possible quality engine mount and gearbox mount solution which fits just like the original and offers matched or even improved performance and service life than that of the factory fitted engine and transmission mounts. With high-quality rubber and urethane materials, the Kelpro replacement engine mount range offers the best in engine vibration dampening and shock absorption, paired with superior longevity and a 2-year or 40,000km warranty for extra peace of mind.

Engine mounts are an essential piece of your driveline and are the only link your engine and gearbox make with the car. Engine mounts are tasked with holding the engine in place and absorbing all of the associated vibrations, flexing and articulation your driveline makes throughout the rev-range and in all sorts of driving conditions. With a failing engine or gearbox mount, there are several associated symptoms of varying severity. Some of these include excessive vibration throughout the vehicle, shudders, clunks or knocking throughout the rev range, particularly when getting on/off throttle or changing gears. Worn mounts can even cause prematurely worn, split or broken lines and hoses from excessive engine movement.

Inspecting your engine and gearbox mounts is a simple case of having a good look, you will often need to shine a light inside the engine bay for a proper inspection. If you notice any cracking, wear marks or any of the symptoms mentioned above, its probably time to swap out your tired old mounts for a fresh set. Another great way to check for excessive wear on driveline mounts is to slowly lift the engine or gearbox with a jack while watching the mounts to see if they have excess movement.

To shop our whole parts and service range to get your motor running like new, browse the website or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our staff to get kitted out with all the best quality replacement parts for your car.