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Radiator Caps

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Repco Radiator Cap 16 PSI - 110 KPa Metal Bayonet - RRC23-110
Tridon Radiator Cap 13 PSI - 90 KPa Metal Bayonet - CB1390
Repco Exp Tank Cap 20 PSI - 140 KPa Plastic Screw On - RRC100-20
Repco Radiator Cap 16 PSI - 110 KPa Metal Bayonet - RRC57-110
Repco Exp Tank Cap 17 PSI - 120 KPa Plastic Screw On - RRC94-120
Tridon Radiator Cap 16 PSI - 110 KPa Metal Bayonet - CB16110
Repco Radiator Cap 13 PSI - 90 KPa Metal Bayonet - RRC50-13

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Repco Exp Tank Cap 18 PSI - 125 KPa Plastic Screw On - RRC122-120
Repco Radiator Cap 20 PSI - 140 KPa Metal Bayonet - RRC51-20
Repco Radiator Cap 13 PSI - 90 KPa Metal Bayonet - RRC85-90
Repco Exp Tank Cap 16 PSI - 110 KPa Plastic Screw On - RRC110-16
Repco Exp Tank Cap 21 PSI - 145 KPa Plastic Screw On - RRC107-145
Tridon Exp Tank Cap 18 PSI - 130 KPa Plastic Screw On - DH18130
Tridon Radiator Cap 20 PSI - 135 KPa Metal Bayonet - CA20135
Repco Exp Tank Cap 15PSI 100KPa Plastic Screw On - RRC69-100
Tridon Exp Tank Cap 18 PSI - 125 KPa Plastic Screw On - CK18125
Tridon Radiator Cap 13 PSI - 90 KPa Metal Bayonet - CC1390
Tridon Exp Tank Cap 20 PSI - 140 KPa Plastic Screw On - CZ20140
Showing 1 - 19 of 181 products

Don't lose your cool and choose a quality replacement radiator cap from Repco

Subjected to both heat and cold and consistently under extreme pressure, your radiator cap is one small piece in your vehicle's cooling system. It does, however, play an integral role, and to avoid a highway meltdown or being faced with a large repair bill, it pays to know when to replace them. With industry-leading brands and innovative designs, our extensive range of recovery and radiator caps from Tridon, CPC Caps, Vaico, and Swag ensure your coolant stays tightly sealed within your cooling system.

Popular Questions Asked

What does the cap on a radiator do?

As a crucial part of the cooling system, a radiator cap ensures the proper amount of pressure is held whilst the vehicle is running. With the cooling system designed to move heat away from the engine, a pressurised system is important and vital to ensure the boiling point is increased whilst the engine is running.

Is it ok to drive without a radiator cap?

Driving without a radiator cap is not recommended, as your cooling system requires fluid to be able to function correctly. Driving without a radiator cap allows the water to escape out the top of your radiator. Driving your vehicle for long periods of time without a radiator cap and having low coolant levels can cause other problems, such as overheating, blowing a head gasket or causing irreversible damage to your engine.

What are the symptoms of a faulty radiator cap?

Like with most components on a vehicle, a radiator cap will have a limited lifespan, and when it comes time to replace, you may notice a number of different signs indicating replacement being imminent, these include:

  • Overheating - Whilst not exclusive to a faulty radiator cap, overheating can be caused by a variety of different reasons. If your radiator cap is not sealing properly, your cooling system cannot pressurise properly, therefore, it cannot move enough heat away from the engine. If you notice your temperature gauge rising or higher than usual, it is worthwhile to work out the cause of the overheating.
  • Overflowing coolant reservoir or overflow bottle - A coolant overflow bottle is designed to catch any overflow coolant from the system. However, if the system isn't performing correctly, an excess amount of coolant can fill the reservoir and can also overflow the reservoir tank. This can occur due to excess pressure caused by the radiator cap not working correctly.
  • Steam coming from the cooling system - this can be caused by a bad seal from the radiator cap. If your engine is steaming, this is an indication that the coolant is boiling and is escaping through the bad seal. If you notice this, you need to look at getting a replacement radiator cap as soon as possible.
  • Air within the cooling system - when your cooling system is not sealing properly or the radiator cap is broken, this can allow air into the system. This creates air pockets that can go into the radiator hoses, thermostat, and heater core. If you get these air pockets within your system, this can cause your engine to overheat, as your cooling system cannot keep a consistent temperature.

Trust Repco to provide the quality cooling system caps you need

A serviced and functioning cooling system is important to ensure that your car does not overheat and break down. Therefore, when it comes time to replace your radiator cap, the radiator caps range at Repco are all manufactured to meet and exceed OEM specifications and guidelines.

Tailored to your specific vehicle, cooling system or application, we can provide you with the right radiator cap or radiator recovery tank cap to provide that pressurised seal. Stocking trusted brands and hundreds of caps to choose from, we will get you back on the road with minimal fuss or expense.

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