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FloKool Radiator Engine Cooling Aluminium Core Plastic Tank - RAD538

SKU: A9303421

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  • Developed for the Australian market
  • Built to meet or exceed OE specs
  • Aluminium core
  • Superior cooling ability
  • Light weight
  • 2-year or 50,000km warranty (whichever occurs first)
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Your engine isn't cool unless its FloKool

We live and breathe automotive at Repco, whether that's getting you from A to B or making sure your next adventure is exciting for all the right reasons! FloKool's radiator range is made for Australia, built to keep your engine operating at the perfect temperature, in the hottest summer and the coldest winter. Made with a aluminium core your brand new FloKool radiator is designed to perform as good as, if not better than OE! Aluminium has been a popular choice for performance radiators and is quickly becoming the standard for cooling. Aluminimum can achieve the same cooling ability as copper, by using less material. This results in a far lighter, more efficient radiator. , Aluminium also highly corrosion resistant. Corrosion is one of the main problems with radiators and a well maintained aluminium radiator can last far longer than copper.

Over time, old radiators will fail and eventually require replacement. Signs of a bad radiator due for a replacement include: any obvious corrosion, coolant leaks observed on the ground or around the radiator or an uncharacteristic increase in engine operating temperature indicating a blockage. A great way to check for a blocked radiator is by scanning your radiator with a infrared thermometer, it will highlight hot spots in the radiator where hot coolant is not able to circulate.

When attacking the job of fitting a new radiator, it's a good idea to do an overhaul of some of the cheap cooling parts to maximise the longevity of your whole cooling system. Replacing your coolant hoses is quick and easy when the radiator is off and saves you time and money in future. Old brittle hoses can crack easily when agitated to remove your radiator, so it's a great idea to figure out what coolant hoses your engine uses with our rego search function. Along with new hoses, a fresh set of hose clamps will not only visually compliment the other brand new cooling components, but they will ensure a tight fit on your hoses so that they can hold up to the pressure and flow. Top off your replacement radiator with a fresh radiator cap too, this will keep all the coolant where it's supposed to be and ensure that no air can leak into your cooling system which won't allow the engine to cool efficiently.

Once you've fitted all your new cooling parts, we recommend filling up your radiator with some cooling system flush. This will thoroughly clean any parts you didn't replace and will also cycle through the engine's coolant passages to remove contaminants and other residue left behind by the old parts you've swapped out, maximising the potential of your new cooling parts. Once you've drained out the cooling system flush, fill up with your choice of coolant, bleed the radiator and hit the road. To shop our full range of cooling parts, radiators and coolants, browse the Repco website or head into your local Repco store today.

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