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  • Superior quality materials for longer service life
  • Improved cylinder surfaces to minimize cup abrasion, to help maintain long term reliability
  • Has tight tolerance specifications to ensure functioning and freedom from leaks
  • Optimised cylinder surfaces to minimize cup abrasion, to help maintain long term reliability

Kelpro quality hydraulic clutch master and slave cylinders

Brake and clutch hydraulics are an important part of your vehicle’s driveline and are often overlooked when general servicing is being performed, which can lead to poor performance and potential safety issues. The Kelpro hydraulic range is sourced from only accredited world leading factories that specialise in making automotive hydraulic cylinders to ensure the quality of every part offered to the market.

Clutch operation and smooth gear changing – both the clutch master cylinder and clutch slave cylinder play a vital role in ensuring the smooth transmission of force from the clutch pedal to the release bearing to disengage the clutch. Clutch hydraulic units from Kelpro are perfectly matched to the technical requirements of each type of vehicle. Their top quality is reflected by the use of high-grade materials. Only tight production tolerances are accepted. The result: A long service life and excellent reliability.

So many elements in your vehicles clutch or braking system are subject to wear and many times it can be as simple as a rubber seal that lets go and causes issues. This is especially true in the case of master cylinders as these regulate the flow of brake fluid or hydraulic fluid to both the clutch and brake systems. If these become faulty one of the easiest signs to spot is the pedal becoming spongy or slowly sinking to the floor in the case of brake master cylinders. Having this happen is a safety issue and although you can look at options for putting a seal kit through these, Repco stock a vast array of master cylinders making it easier to replace the whole unit and know that the job is done right.

Use our Rego Search option online or in store to allow you to locate the correct specific master cylinder for your vehicle and with our click and collect and home delivery options we can get these parts to you sooner and with a minimum of hassle. Or come in store today to speak to our knowledgeable staff about the options available.