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Nice Products Wheel Nut & Stud - NS343

SKU: A8063575
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  • Nice Wheel Nut & Stud M12 x 1.5 x 38.5mm
  • Absolute Quality - Quality control is carried out on every level: from planning to purchase of the material, and is developed by means of mechanical, electrical and reliability tests, in every construction phase of the piece, right up to final control.

Nice Products Wheel Nut & Stud

Spend enough time online or in car circles and you will hear the name Nice Products crop up time and time again. Known for holding the widest array of replacement wheel nut and wheel stud stock they also cover so much more on your vehicle. Whether it be a replacement washer pump, door handle, ignition switches or drain plug you will be amazed at the range Nice Products carry.

Looking to restore a classic muscle car, upgrade a set of wheels or fix that broken lock after years of wear then you need Nice Products to complete the job. With an ever expanding range and tailored to suit almost any vehicle on the road the Nice Products catalogue of stock ensures you aren't left to use old components or rummage around at the local wreckers looking for parts.

Nice products stock a comprehensive catalogue of replacement automotive parts at all Repco stores including:

  • Wheel Nuts and Studs - In most cases when you are looking to put a new set of wheels on your vehicle you will also need to change wheel nuts to suit. Upgrading to long wheel studs also needs to happen if your wheel nuts are not getting sufficient thread engagement on the existing studs. Made from high tensile steel and manufactured to stringent safety and engineering standards the range of wheel nuts and studs from Nice Products will have you rolling on new rims with confidence.
  • Solex Locks - Upgrade to a Solex door lock for that added level of vehicle security. Utilising a round barrel for the key these locks resist the usual screwdriver when looking for quick access.
  • Washer Bottles and Pumps - Plastic components on any vehicle are exposed to torturous conditions throughout its life. Fatigue, heat and cold all contribute to shorter lifespans on these parts but Nice Products have the answer. Stocking replacement Radiator overflow bottles, Washer Kits and Washer Pumps see Nice Products able to keep your fluids where they need to be whilst keeping you safe on the road
  • Automotive Fasteners - Nothing is more annoying in a vehicle interior than the rattle and shake of loose trim panels from broken clips. Keep all your trim secure with the range of Auto fasteners and trim clips from Nice Products and enjoy the quiet ride
  • Drain Plugs - Stocking an array of plastic and brass drain plugs for your radiator or catch can Nice products ensure you have the peace of mind to not be dripping liquids into your engine bay or onto the road

With hundreds of parts suiting thousands of applications Nice products are the one stop supplier to keep your car roadworthy and on the road. Repco stock hundreds of Nice products in store everyday and can order from their vast catalogue any to suit. Never be at the mercy of inferior or 2nd hand parts when Nice Products have the range and quality you demand when it comes to replacement automotive parts for your vehicle. Shop online or come in store and discover the range of Nice Products today.