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Tridon Knock Sensor - TKS011

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Tridon Knock Sensor

Accurate timing of your engine spark ensures your air and fuel mix produces the most amount of power when ignition takes place. Naturally pre-ignition or spark knock limits your vehicle from optimum performance. Your engine's knock sensor picks up evidence of pre-ignition, pre-detonation or spark knocking in your engine and will indicate to the ECU that the timing needs to be altered until the knock has been eliminated.

Knocking refers to a pocket of air/fuel mixture that ignites ahead of the ignition from the spark plug, meaning it has ignited in the wrong part of the engine cycle creating a very noticeable increase in cylinder pressure and a decline in engine power. If you have a faulty knock sensor you will still be able to drive your vehicle but may notice an increase in fuel consumption and a lack of torque. It is advisable to have this changed at your soonest convenience to ensure no long lasting damage to the engine.

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