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Champion Grease Nipple Imperial Assortment - CA108

SKU: A8229295

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  • Imperial
  • Straight and Angle Nipples UNF BSF BSP and NPT Threads
  • 15 Sizes
  • 113 Pieces

Champion Fasteners Imperial Grease Nipple Assortment Kit

The grease nipple is an important component when it comes to servicing moving parts. It allows the mechanic to add grease to these parts which lubricates the metal surfaces and stop premature wear and tear. This makes components last longer, work more smoothly and reduces noise. Grease nipples are usually found under the vehicle on suspension and drive train components. They can get damaged or clogged and occasionally need to be replaced.

This kit is designed to give you a range of replacement grease nipples of varying imperial threads and angles (straight, 45, 67.5 or 90 degrees). There are Replacement packs available:

  • Part No C108-1 - 8 grease nipples, 1/4inch BSF Straight
  • Part No C108-2 - 15 grease nipples, 1/4inch UNF Straight
  • Part No C108-3 - 6 grease nipples, 1/4inch UNF 45 Degrees
  • Part No C108-4 - 6 grease nipples, 1/4inch BSF 67.5 Degrees
  • Part No C108-5 - 6 grease nipples, 5/16inch BSF Straight
  • Part No C108-6 - 6 grease nipples, 5/16inch BSF 67.5 Degrees
  • Part No C108-7 - 12 grease nipples, 1/8inch NPT Straight
  • Part No C108-8 - 18 grease nipples, 1/8inch BSP Straight
  • Part No C108-9 - 6 grease nipples, 1/8inch NPT 67.5 Degrees
  • Part No C108-10 - 6 grease nipples, 1/8inch BSP 67.5 Degrees
  • Part No C108-11 - 6 grease nipples, 1/8inch NPT 90 Degrees
  • Part No C108-12 - 6 grease nipples, 1/8inch BSP 90 Degrees
  • Part No C108-15 - 6 grease nipples, 1/4inch UNF 1-1/4inch Straight
  • Part No C108-16 - 3 grease nipples, 1/4inch BSP Straight
  • Part No C108-17 - 3 grease nipples, 1/4inch UNF 90 Degrees

We recommend fitting quality Champion replacement fasteners when working on your car. Being subjected to huge heat cycles and harsh road conditions, old hardware can fatigue over time and suffer from rust or premature wear from being loose. Replace those tired or damaged fasteners and put the reliability back into your vehicle.

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