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Champion Washer Flat Steel 5/16in x 5/8in x 18G Zinc Plated - C330-3

SKU: A9125102
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  • Zinc Plated
  • Pack Size: 50

Your car deserves quality Champion Fasteners

Available in small reusable plastic blister packs for small tasks or full-fledged, comprehensive, heavy-duty organisation trays with an array of sizes, Champion Fasteners have a solution to suit DIYers carrying out basic tasks, but also cater to committed enthusiasts performing full overhauls, modification or customisation with their Assortment Range. A handy pro-tip, the individual packs are also a great idea for replenishing the automotive hardware you use most often in your Assortment Range box, rather than buying a whole new kit each time. The Champion Fasteners range is the most comprehensive of its type assembled in Australia. With guidelines and requirements specific to the professional automotive and engineering trade in mind, Champion Fasteners are the best choice when it comes to hardware for your car, bike, boat or other projects thanks to Champion's quality commitment throughout their whole range.

When it comes to working on your car, using quality hardware is absolutely essential. Your car deserves quality fasteners and hardware. The Champion range is designed specifically for automotive use, so you can have confidence in their integrity, strength and quality. Whether you're using some self-locking nuts to fit up a set of driving lights or a UHF antenna to your 4x4, doing a full nut and bolt resto on your project car, a turbo install on your gripped up track weapon or even just need a new sump plug or washer when changing the oil on your daily driver, Champion Fasteners is there to provide you with the necessary gear to complete the task to highest possible standard.

Just some of the gear that Champion Fasteners can equip your garage with includes:

  • Nut and bolt kits
  • Self tapping screws
  • Circlips
  • Split pins
  • E clips and R clips
  • Trim clips and panel clips
  • Washers
  • O-rings and grommets
  • Brass and plastic hose fittings

We recommend fitting quality replacement hardware when working on your car. Being subjected to huge heat cycles and harsh road conditions, old hardware can fatigue over time and result in nasty surprises when working in the garage. Next time you're about to get your hands messy with some work under your project car, visit the Repco website or pop into your local Repco store so you have all the fresh, quality hardware you need before getting stuck into it. There's nothing worse than interrupting your workflow because you didn't have the right size bolt or washer.