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Ryco Air Filter - Heavy Duty - HDA6087

SKU: A5571469
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  • Ryco Air Filters have excellent dust holding properties to retain dust within the media's 'tortuous path'.
  • Ryco's design philosophy is to meet the vehicle manufacturers' performance requirements.
  • Subjected to stringent testing procedures through a dedicated filtration laboratory to ensure superior filtration.
  • A superior performing air filter must excel in ALL 3 critical areas to be deemed fit to do the job: Efficiency, Life and Flow.

Ryco Air Filters for a dependable and quality filtration solution

All Ryco Air Filters are designed to meet or exceed the manufacturers original equipment whilst delivering genuine performance based on efficiency, lifespan and flow. This means you get an air filter that lasts the distance and continually provides the clean filtered air that your vehicle requires to perform. Repco choose to stock Ryco air filters based on their tried and tested reliability coupled with the constant research and development, giving you, the customer, peace of mind in purchasing the best in the market.

The key to the long term life and reliability of any engine is the supply of both clean air and fuel as well as periodic maintenance. Neglect any of these and you will be adding bigger costs through issues that develop but keeping your car in tip top shape need not be expensive. All Ryco replacement air filters have been tested to provide superior filtration whilst minimising air flow obstruction to give your engine the unrestricted breathing that frees up horsepower and maximises the fuel burnt. Ryco continue to develop not just their range of air filters but their full filtration range such as oil filters and fuel filters in some of the most torturous conditions ensuring that any product wearing their brand has been subjected to levels far exceeding those many of us regularly face. From the unforgiving outback trails of bulldust and sand through to the clogged pollution filled city streets and laneways Ryco have an air filter for your vehicle at a competitive price.

Changing your vehicles air filter is one of the easiest and hassle free jobs you can do at home and with our online rego search tool can identify and purchase the correct filter in a matter of minutes. Use our delivery service or come in store to collect and you can accomplish this basic maintenance with ease. Fitting a quality Ryco air filter to your vehicle is a small price to pay for the long term benefits.