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Goss Fuel Pump Internal - GE063

SKU: A8830541

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Goss Fuel Pump - OE matching performance and fitment

With a long-standing reputation in the automotive industry, the Goss electric fuel pump range is built with strict OEM guidelines and specifications in mind. With all of their pumps matching or even exceeding OE performance, you can be rest assured that when you fit a Goss fuel pump it will perform just the same, if not better, than the pump that was fitted to your car when it rolled off the factory floor. Goss fuel pumps are also built to OEM fitment guidelines which means that when you come to fitting your replacement fuel pump, you wont run into any nasty surprises with unsatisfactory fitment issues. Goss have such confidence in the quality, performance and longevity of their fuel pump range that they include a 2 year / 40,000km guarantee. Goss offer a range of fuel pumps to suit many popular makes and models, as well as some universal fuel pumps too. We recommend entering your information into our rego search function to choose a fuel pump to fit your vehicle.

All internal combustion engines are fitted with fuel pumps which are tasked with transporting fuel from the tank into your engine. Most cars come factory with electric fuel pumps which are usually found either mounted inside the fuel tank or alternatively mount in-line between the fuel tank and the engine. Some signs that your fuel pump might be in need of replacement include: hard starting, engine sputtering, stalling or surging and excessive noise from the fuel pump unit. When fitting a brand new fuel pump, we also recommend fitting a replacement fuel filter and running a fuel system cleaner for a quick and easy fuel system overhaul, allowing you to get the most out of your brand new pump. To shop our whole range of fuel, ignition and exhaust parts, visit the website today or head into your local Repco store and speak with one our friendly staff.

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