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Bosch Ignition Module - BIM034

SKU: A8755653


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  • Bosch applies the extensive know-how they have gained from fuel injection system development in optimally aligning its ignition systems to the same applications
  • The goal is excellent fuel economy, coupled with optimum output powers
  • Premium quality, ensuring your car runs smoothly

Bosch Ignition Coil - Built to exceed OE standards

Built to achieve or even out-perform in relation to OEM standards, Bosch Ignition Coils are a great contender when it comes to choosing a replacement ignition coil for your car. Known industry-wide for their reliability and performance, Bosch replacement coil pack units come with a complimentary limited lifetime warranty to ensure peace of mind and allow you to drive in confidence that your engine is getting a strong, consistent spark at all times. Adherence to OE guidelines means that your Bosch ignition coil will fit just like the original without the need for modification to brackets or other hardware, will perform just as well as the original when it was brand new to delivery a strong, reliable spark and will also match or even beat the service life of the original. The Bosch name is synonymous in the automotive sector as a supplier of quality European parts in both OEM and aftermarket applications so when you're choosing a replacement ignition coil for your car, go with Bosch.

An ignition coil, also called a spark coil, is a type of induction coil and plays a major role in your car's ignition system. It's task is to convert battery voltage into the voltage required to send through the ignition leads and allow your spark plugs to ignite fuel vapour in the combustion chamber, thus creating powering and propelling your car along the road. Without your ignition coil, ignition leads and spark plugs in correct working order, you will experience misfires, poor fuel economy and maybe even a car that won't start at all. Traditionally the coil sits in the engine bay and is linked to the distributor which then links the coil to each sparkplug, however technology advancements have seen this arrangement altered, however the basic principles are still retained. Eliminating the alternator means that spark timing is controlled electronically and instead of having one coil which distributes power throughout the engine, a 'coil-on-plug' approach is taken which requires an individual coil per cylinder, however this generally offers a more reliable and efficient delivery of spark.

If you're unsure whether your coil needs to be replaced, there are a few tell-tale signs which can indicate that a replacement is required. The most obvious and common issues are poor engine running. This includes misfires, rough idle, loss of power and even bad fuel economy. In extreme instances, these performance losses may even result in random engine stalling. A check engine light can also indicate a bad coil pack or ignition coil. You can confirm this using a code reader and searching the engine code to see what went wrong, sometimes this will even tell you which coil pack to replace for coil-on-plug applications. A faulty ignition coil can also prohibit your car from starting at all. This is more-so a problem for single ignition coil set-ups since a faulty coil will affect the operation of the entire engine.

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