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Bosch Distributor Contact Set - GM543

SKU: A4759060


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  • Superior Surface Finish
  • RFI Resistors (Asian) / RFI Suppression (European)
  • Installation Screws
  • Precision-machined Contacts
  • Finely -tooled Metal Mounting Sleeve (Asian)
  • Superior Surface Finish
  • RFI Resistors / Supression
  • OE Quality
  • Precision-machined contacts
  • Made from top quality materials
  • High performance
  • Long product life
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Bosch Replacement Distributor Caps and Rotors - Top-tier materials and tight tolerance machining ensure the best possible spark

Made from top-tier materials, Bosch replacement distributor cap and rotors are specially designed to ensure superior quality, high performance, long product life and reliable, efficient operation. Bosch replacement rotor and distributor caps use precision machined contacts in order to ensure the best connection and strongest spark possible which makes your engine run more efficiently and reliably due to the very tight tolerances of both their replacement rotor button and distributor cap units. They also use RFI resistors and suppression technology to eliminate interference from radio frequencies. Without this, RFI (radio frequency interference) can cause havoc with your ignition system and simply listening to the radio can introduce annoying misfires or poor running conditions. Specialist RFI resistors combat these frequencies to ensure smooth running and operation. The Bosch name is synonymous with all things automotive and have been OE suppliers for many popular makes and models for decades. When it comes to replacement ignition parts for your car, Bosch know what they're talking about.

For cars without a modern coil-on-plug set-up, the ignition system is driven by a distributor. Your distributor and its related components rotate in time with the engine and deliver the spark which ignites your fuel allows your engine to rotate. While the distributor itself generally lasts for the life of the engine, it contains two components which will inevitably wear out over time and require replacing at various intervals. The cap and rotor are the two points of the distributor which make contact and send the spark from the ignition coil, through the leads and to the spark plugs. Over time, these parts become worn as they are constantly exposed to high levels of voltage and current every time the engine runs.

We recommend replacing your cap and rotor every 75,000 kms to ensure the best performance and efficiency of your engine and reliable operation. Between major services, its a good idea to give your cap and rotor a quick visual spot check for any signs of early fatigue or damage which will indicate the need to fit some replacement units. Some of the tell tail signs include:

  • Any small or large cracks should be addressed immediately by fitting a replacement unit. A handy tip is to hold up your cap and rotor to the sun to spot any micro fractures or hairline cracks.
  • Any broken or snapped terminals, clips or other pieces will also indicate that a replacement should be fitted.
  • Excessive carbon tracks or build-up on either the cap or rotor can be cleaned with a light sand paper, however we recommend keeping these as spares and fitting a fresh one to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.

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