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NGK Glow Plug - Y-701J

SKU: A8844402

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  • Optimum starting capabilities and excellent post-glow function
  • Manufactured with state of the art techniques with dedication to quality, and outstanding reliability
  • In cold weather optimum running temperature is not always achieved and glow plugs assist by heating the air-fuel mixture to assist in cold starting
  • Process before the actual starting of the engine is called 'pre-glowing'

NGK Glow Plugs - Maintain optimum starting capability for your diesel engine

NGK glow plugs are at the forefront of technologic innovation. Offering optimum starting capabilities and excellent post-glow function, NGK glow plugs promote clean combustion and lower toxic emissions in diesel vehicles no matter the climate, weather or conditions. Manufactured using state of the art techniques, NGK are dedicated to quality resulting in a glow plug that offers outstanding and relentless reliability.

Unlike petrol engines which require a spark to ignite the fuel, diesel fuel 'auto ignites' as a result of temperatures created by vastly higher cylinder pressures when compared to that of a petrol engine. In cold weather or when the engine is being started for the first time after cooling down, it can take longer for the cylinder to achieve the required temperature to ignite the fuel. The job of the glow plug is to pre-heat the cylinder in order to allow combustion to happen instantly and allow the vehicle to start at the turn of a key. Failing glow plugs can result in a number of issues with the main one being slow or hard starting and even as worse as not starting at all depending on the conditions. A failing glow plug will also result in excessive white smoke on start-up as a result of un-burnt diesel, poor fuel economy, misfires and other issues when warming up. You can check the health of your glow plugs using a multi-meter and testing for resistence. The resistence value of a metal glow plug should be less than 5 ohm and a ceramic glow plug less than 1 ohm.

With over 80 years of experience, NGK are not just the world largest manufacturer of spark plugs but also at the forefront of modern fuel and ignition technology with a huge range of spark plugs, glow plugs, ignition coils and more. Every spark plug and glow plug in their extensive range has been designed to match or exceed the manufacturers specifications so you know you're ending up with a replacement part that matches or is even better performing than the original part. This all leads to NGK being the right choice of spark plug or glow plug for your vehicle in whatever environment you operate in. Whether scaling outback dunes in your 4WD, commuting in your European diesel hatchback or even just on a run to the shops and back, NGK spark plugs and glow plugs have the quality and reliability you can rely on to maximise your vehicles performance no matter the climate. Use our online REGO search tool to find the right NGK glow plug for your vehicle and simply purchase online or come into a store using our click and collect service. When it comes to improving your diesel vehicle, install NGK glow plugs and feel the difference every time you fire it up.

To shop our whole fuel, ignition and exhaust range to get your car firing reliabiliy on all cylinders, browse the website using REGO search or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.

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