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King Springs Coil Spring Set - KDFS-04

SKU: A8365377
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  • King Springs is Australia's leading specialist manufacturer of aftermarket coil springs for world-wide, automotive applications.
  • Only X5K material is used. X5K is a new generation High Strength Spring Steel which with-stands higher operating stresses and has superior resistance to sag, improved toughness and improved corrosion fatigue properties.
  • Phosphate coating applied for maximum corrosion protection
  • Epoxy powder coat to achieve the most durable finish

King Springs - Improve Handling and upgrade your Coil Springs

On the world's fastest racetracks, on the street, on the toughest outback terrain there is. When it comes to spring design and durability, King Springs knows neither compromise nor second best. These are the cornerstones of their technology, and the reasons why King Springs are leaders in the replacement and performance automotive spring market. King Springs leads the way in the design and manufacture of advanced progressive springs with both variable pitch and tapered wire forms. King Springs service all sectors of the automotive market including cars, commercial trucks, SUVs and 4x4 vehicles and various Motorsport categories including circuit, rally, speedway and off-road racing.

King Springs is Australia's leading specialist manufacturer of aftermarket coil springs and are the go to choice when it comes to lowering your car or raising your 4wd. Coil Springs matched with the correct gas shock absorber can more often than not be a more comfortable option over an after market coilover. If you're looking to lower your street car with lowering springs, not only will you decrease body roll but you will also increase your mechanical grip on the road helping you corner quicker with confidence.

Here is a car coil spring rough guide to the approximate heights to expect. The degree of lowering can vary between part numbers and vehicles. Spring design i.e. spring rate and vehicle height is relative to market demand. If exacting measurements are required for vehicle ride heights please call your nearest store.

  • Front Low - Lowers vehicle approximately 30mm below standard.
  • Front Standard - Standard Height.
  • Front Raised - Raises vehicle approximately 20mm above standard this is recommended for bull bar, country driving or whenever increased ground clearance is desired.
  • Rear Low - Lowers vehicle approximately 30mm below standard.
  • Rear Standard+ - Standard height to 20mm raised.
  • Rear Raised - Raises vehicle approximately 30-40mm above standard this is recommended for excessive towing, load-carrying or LPG tank etc.

4WD & Ford F Series coil springs rough guide to the approximate heights.

  • Front and Rear STD: Raises vehicle approximately 10mm-20mm above standard.
  • Front and Rear RAISED: Raises vehicle approximately 30mm-40mm above standard.

A wheel alignment is recommended after having front springs fitted on all vehicles. Some cars will also require a wheel alignment on the rear when rear springs are fitted but ask your wheel alignment specialist which is best for your car. When replacing coil springs it's also a good time to look at replacing your shock absorbers, replacing or upgrading to a shortened or raised shock absorber can vastly change how your car handles and grips the road so don't overlook it. we also recommend looking at the condition and wear on your suspension bushes and steering components at the same time to make sure your wheel allignment stays true. Check out the full range of King Springs and the multi tier shock absorber range online or order today at a Repco store near you.