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Nolathane Rear Uper Shock Absorber Bushing Kit - 43052

SKU: A8095698

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  • The latest in material formulation technology boasts resistance to oil, grease, ozone and weathering.
  • This kit is covered by a limited lifetime warranty including parts and labour.

Super responsive steering with Nolathane suspension bushes

Have you noticed some out of character clunks from your car's suspension and steering systems? Chances are you have some worn suspension bushes. If you've been noticing clunks or rattling noises when driving on gravel roads, making sharp turns or applying brake pressure its pretty likely that your suspension bushings and are shot. Depending on your vehicle, this will include strut bushes, leaf spring shackle bushes and/or shock absorber bushes. The noises you hear are the rattling of components within excess air-space perviously filled by your bushings. If left too long, you can cause further damage to the actual suspension components which will then require replacement so be wise, catch the issue early and get two birds with one stone by equipping your ride with Nolathane polyurethane bushes. These bushes not only replace OEM worn rubber ones, they'll also tighten up your steering thanks to their minimal-crush urethane composition.

Are you tired of lack-lustre handling capabilities in your canyon-cruiser or an uncharacteristicly rough ride on the way to work in your daily driver? Fitting quality Nolathane suspension bushes as part of your vehicles suspension will see enhanced road holding as well as more responsive steering and performance based on the components you upgrade. As the vital link between you and the road, your vehicles suspension directly influences the steering and braking performance. Often over-looked by the avarage punter, suspension bushes are one area where both small and large improvements can lead to a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. Irrespective of the vehicle, you'd be hard pressed not finding a Nolathane upgrade to suit a wide variety of applications on your car, 4WD, van or ute all designed to replace or improve the standard OEM bushings. Nolathane's range encompasses a substantial number of cars on the road today and through continual product development and research, cater to an ever increasing and diverse number of manufacturer realeases and updates. Unlike standard rubber bushings, Nolathane polyurethane suspension bushes are not bonded by compression so maintain their shape throughout the drive, be it a slow cruise through the hills or an aggresive hot lap at your nearest track. The free-pivoting design contributes to the sharper handling response and increased suspension control associated with running Nolathane products. Coupled with high load bearing capabilities, increased tensile strength and chemically resistant to oil, grease and weathering all Nolathane bushes are a worth-while upgrade for your car that will offer you the benefits for years to come with just a few simple tools and some time spent under the car.

Nolathanes extensive range include:

  • Replacement bush kits
  • Sway bar links
  • Alignment correction products
  • Lowering Blocks and U-Bolts
  • Complete Control Arms

Use our online REGO search tool to find the right Nolathane kit for your vehicle and simply purchase online or come into a store using our click and collect service.

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