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KYB Protection Kit, Incl. Bump Stop & Dust Cover - SB3054

SKU: A5566579
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  • A strut bump stop & dust boot are key elements within the suspension assembly, as they prevent dust & moisture from damaging the piston surface & seal, while also protecting the piston rod from corrosion due to road pollution. KYB Protection Kits contain all the components that are required for correct installation, bump stops, dust boots, mounting plates & cables ties.

Improve handling and comfort with KYB's range of suspension mounting kits

Providing a vital link between the shock absorber and the vehicle body the upper strut mount support is a key element in improved handling and comfort when driving on any road. KYB have developed a range of suspension mounting kits featuring all components required for correct installation in an effort to enhance the handling and control of your vehicle whilst also prolonging the life of your shock absorbers and other suspension components. Using the same factories and cutting edge technology as leading automotive manufacturers, KYB guarantee superior product quality which equates to unrivalled value and customer satisfaction

So how do you know when it is time to change your suspension mounts in your vehicle?

  • The first sign is usually a bumpier ride and the steering is hard or noisy.
  • Each time the shock absorbers are replaced.

Why you should change your suspension mounts

  • Improve road handling and reduced steering vibrations
  • More precise steering and improved wheel alignment
  • Increased suspension component life, thereby saving you money.

If your vehicle is displaying any of these traits it is best to confirm the diagnosis and look to replace the faulty components in order for your vehicle to remain safe and roadworthy for you and your family. In the case of replacing strut mounts or shock absorbers on your vehicle it is always advisable to change these units in pairs so as to restore both sides to a compatible standard.

Repco have an extensive range of suspension bushes, steering, and suspension components to get you on your way. Use our online rego search tool to find the right set of KYB suspension mounting kit for your vehicle and simply purchase online or come into a store using our click and collect service. Fitting KYB suspension products will improve the handling and safety of your car and give you the confidence knowing that as the original equipment fitted to vehicles across the globe the quality will ensure many kilometres of trouble free motoring.