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Wiper Blades

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Repco Hybrid Blade Exact Fit 650mm Wiper Blade (26 inch) - RHB26-S
Trico Force Beam Wiper Blade 650mm (26 inch) - TF650
Repco Beam Blade Multi-Fit 380mm Wiper Blade (15 inch) - RFB15-S
Trico Shield Hybrid Wiper Blade 600mm (24 inch) - HF600
Trico Ultra Conventional Wiper Blade 450mm (18 inch) - TB450
Trico Force Beam Wiper Blade 610mm (24 inch) - TF610
Repco Beam Blade Multi-Fit 650mm Wiper Blade (26 inch) - RFB26-S

Gear Up Microfibre Rags 1kg

Super water absorption and drying anything faster and easier!

Repco Hybrid Blade Exact Fit 450mm Wiper Blade (18 inch) - RHB18-S
Trico Force Beam Wiper Blade 350mm (14 inch) - TF350
Repco Hybrid Blade Exact Fit 560mm Wiper Blade (22 inch) - RHB22-S
Trico Shield Hybrid Wiper Blade 650mm (26 inch) - HF650
Trico Shield Hybrid Wiper Blade 430mm (17 inch) - HF430
Repco Beam Blade Multi-Fit 450mm Wiper Blade (18 inch) - RFB18-S
Trico Force Beam Wiper Blade 450mm (18 inch) - TF450
Trico Ultra Conventional Wiper Blade 500mm (20 inch) - TB500
Trico Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade Roc Lock 2 300mm (12 inch) - 12-A
Trico Ultra Conventional Wiper Blade 305mm (12 inch) - TB305
Repco Hybrid Blade Exact Fit 500mm Wiper Blade (20 inch) - RHB20-S
Trico Clear Conventional Wiper Blade 610mm (24 inch) - TCL610
Showing 1 - 19 of 167 products

Wiper blades, windscreen wipers & wiper components

Shop our range of wiper blades and wiper refills

Wiper blades and refills are primarily responsible for removing water, debris, snow and ice. Wiper blades are a small part of your car but are vital to ensure your vision is not obstructed. Repco stocks a wide range of wiper blades from Trico, Valeo, and Mechpro

What does a wiper blades do?

Keeping your vehicle ready for all weather conditions is essential, and making sure your windscreen cleaning systems is operational and ready to go should be checked regularly. Having the ability to be able to clean obstructions or fluid from your windscreen while the vehicle is operational is often a requirement for the vehicle to be considered roadworthy. The process to inspect and maintain your windscreen cleaning system is fairly straightforward and can be done in minutes.

Wiper blades are a vital part of driving and are definitely overlooked via all of us. The wipers and wiper blade refills are the most common things to check as they do wear out regularly, or the rubbers can perish over time in hot, dry climates.

If you notice any of the below symptoms it is a sign to replace your wiper blade or wiper blade refills

  • Squeaking
  • Wet Spots
  • Vibration/chattering noises
  • Shuddering
  • Excessive streaks
  • Wipers blades are brittle or slightly cracked

Why do I need wiper blades?

Protection, safety and comfort are the three key points when it comes to wiper blades. Similar to brake pads, engine oil and globes your wiper blades will begin to perish over time. No matter how loud you turn the music up it won't fix the noise your wiper blades make.

When purchasing your next set of wiper blades options to consider. Wiper blades can be purchases as a wiper blade assembly or wiper blade refills. Not all cars have the capacity to replace just the wiper blade refills therefore it is always a good idea to check your current wiper blades on your car to ensure you are purchasing the right wipers. If in doubt, remove one wiper blade and bring it instore and we will ensure you selected the right wiper refill or blade.

When installing/choosing windscreen wiper blades to your vehicle, please note the following

  • When installing wiper blades, ensure not to let go of the assembly as it can damage your windscreen
  • Before driving, after fitment, ensure wiper blades and refills are connected properly
  • Check your windscreen windscreen additives and top up if there isn't enough
  • Identification is key when choosing the right wiper blades or wiper refills online. Using our online handy vehicle finder, search vehicle manufacturer names and models to source the right product. Make sure to use the descriptions and images to select the right wiper refills or wiper blade easily.

Whether you are looking for a wiper arm, beam blade or rubber refills, Repco have you covered with a vast variety of wipers to fit a huge range of car makes and models. To find the right wiper blade for your vehicle, use our handy vehicle function for fitment purposes. Simply type in the vehicle manufacturers name/make, model of the vehicle and a few other specific details. Ensure when installing your new wipers to check if the driver side and passenger side wiper blades are different. A lot of vehicles have one wiper blade bigger than the other.

Our range of wiper blades

Windscreen wiper blades for your vehicle, shop online or in-store to find the right replacement. Don't waste time searching through hundred products, sort by filter to find premium wiper blades, check out our full range of wiper blades and wiper refills. When it comes to automotive products, we aim to provide next-level service across Australia and New Zealand. Use our store location finder to find our operating hours and find out product availability.

Unsure where to begin, contact our friendly staff to compare details and prices on an array of wiper blades. Alternatively, search online and checkout using our click & collect or click and delivery service. Get on the road feeling at easy knowing your wiper rubber has been checked.

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