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We all want to improve, fix and add our touches to things around us, whether it’s cooking, renovating the house, building a planter box. For us car enthusiasts we look for no other than what can I do next on my car? Some of us have a vision for what a car could be, what spin could we put on it. That addiction sees us scrolling through Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and eBay endlessly entertained by the idea of the next project car, the next race car, the next restoration project.

At Repco some of our staff are dead keen on cars and all have different interests, From a classic 70s Celica to a drift spec Cressida and ‘08 Prado made to conquer the bush in the weekend. See what the staff at Repco drive and what keeps them busy in the evenings. We’re like-minded enthusiasts and we understand your project car obsession. You’re here, like us, to continually scroll through all the parts you can put on your car to improve it’s power, handling, aesthetic or just to fix and services

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