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Repco Disc Brake Pad Spreader - RST158

SKU: A9417626
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  • Suits most vehicles
  • Carbon steel centre screw, heat treated for strength & durability
  • Compressed disc brake piston enabling fast pad replacement

Repco Disc Brake Pad Spreader - Quickly change your brake pads with ease

Built from high strength metals and quality components, this brake caliper spreader makes changing your brake pads simple. A vital piece of the puzzle for any proper service is a fresh set of brake pads and brake rotors, however until now the task of re-setting the brake calipers has been challenging. With the heated-treated carbon steel centre screw and ergonomic handle, this brake pad replacement tool is a must-have for any proper tool library, especially for those who thrive when working on their own car and saving a few extra bucks by getting the job done at home.

Everyone who has changed their own brake pads can relate to the mission of pressing the caliper pistons back into the housing to fit pads. Although it may seem like a small task, the mammoth effort of pressing against the pressure of the brake fluid to re-set the piston is sure to leave you in a fit of rage and with sore thumbs. Automotive enthusiasts for years have been using a whole assortment of clamps, pliers, pry bars and other miscellaneous garage finds to unsuccessfully change brake pads but luckily just like you, we at Repco love cars too. We know the struggle of replacing brake pads so we designed a tool just for that job. The Repco Disc Brake Spreader makes light work of re-setting brake pistons with a simple few turns of the screw, allowing you to drop your fresh brake pads into their new home.

All Repco tools are backed by a lifetime warranty, so this is a great bit of kit to invest in. A lifetime of brake pad changes without trying to force the piston back into the caliper with your bare hands! To shop our whole range of automotive tools to get to work on any light modifications, full-blown nut and bolt restos or just daily driver servicing and maintenance, browse the website or head into your local Repco store today and speak with one of our friendly staff about getting set up with an arsenal of tools to get the job done.

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