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Pry Bars & Scrapers

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Repco 5 Pc Scraper & Remover Set - RST236
5 Day Deals
Hurry Sale Ends - 16/06/2024
Repco Heavy Duty Gasket Scraper - RST10
5 Day Deals
Hurry Sale Ends - 16/06/2024
Mechpro Blue Pry Bar Set 4 Piece - MPBP101K
Mechpro Blue Strike Cap Pry Bar 4 Piece Set - MPBP102K
Milwaukee 4pc Pry Bar Set - 48229214
GV Tools Pry Bar Set 200mm & 300mm - GV165
GV Tools Pry Bar 600mm - GV164

Gear Up Microfibre Rags 1kg

Super water absorption and drying anything faster and easier!

Diplomat Safety Scraper W/5 Blades - B02
GV Tools Snap-Off Knight and Scraper Set 8 Piece - GV149
Diplomat Single Edge Scraper Blades 5pk - B03
Milwaukee Pry Bar 42 inch - 45749242
Mechpro Metal Scraper Blades 5 Piece - MPST124
Permaseal Metal 17mm Gasket Scraper - PSGS003
Toledo Stainless Steel Scraper Set 3 Piece - 301651
Diplomat Scraper Blades 100pk - 041303
Toledo Gasket Scraper Set 3 Piece - 301278
Milwaukee Demolition Driver Pry Bar - 48222859
Mechpro Metal Scraper Single Edge - MPST125
Personna Single Edge Scraper Razor Blades 100pk - 610045
Showing 1 - 19 of 24 products

Whether it's a stubborn gasket or a stuck flywheel Repco have a quality gasket scraper or pry bar to help you out

Repco's range of gasket scrapers, pry bars and scraper blades make short work of tricky jobs. Don't be messing around with long handled screwdrivers when a quality pry bar will be purpose built to wedge and lever engine components, suspension arms and more. The same can be said for a gasket scraper or scraper blade when cleaning up gasket surfaces. Don't be ruining your good screwdrivers when Repco have a wide range of tools engineered to do the job they were designed to do.

When you are really tackling the tough jobs you need tools that are purposely designed to accomplish these tasks with a minimum of fuss. You may be cleaning up the mating surface of a water pump to engine block or you may be just trying to remove said water from the block after you have undone all the nuts. In both cases this is where the right tools are necessary to make things easier but also to limit any damage in the process.

Face facts, we have all done it before and used the wrong tool for the job and spent hours when the job should only take mere minutes. Flat blade screwdrivers are super handy for screws and fasteners but don't have the ability that a good quality pry bar or gasket scraper has to get the job done. There is also the case of putting too much leverage and force behind screwdrivers and having them bend or break in the process.

Stocking the best pry bar sets and gasket scrapers from Milwaukee, Toledo and more, Repco are all about offering you quality options to suit your needs and your budget. We understand that you take pride in your work so look to provide quality tools and solutions to make any automotive maintenance job as easy and as satisfying as possible.

Browse Repco online or come in store today and see our extensive range of tools and tool storage solutions.

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