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Mechpro Torque Wrench 42-210Nm 1/2in Drive with Sockets - MPW107

SKU: A5366375


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  • 1 x Torque Wrench 1/2 inch Drive 42 - 210 Nm
  • 1 x 125mm Extension Bar 1/2 inch Drive
  • 1 x Socket Adaptor 1/2 inch to 3/8inch
  • 3 x Sockets 1/2 inch Drive 17, 19, 21mm
  • Blow mould case

Talk the torque with a Mechpro Torque Wrench

Put down the rattle gun and resist the urge to tighten everything to within an inch of its life by using a Mechpro Torque Wrench to correctly torque fasteners and components on your vehicle. The Mechpro Torque Wrench is an excellent budget-friendly solution to the torque wrenches often seen in professional workshops and allows you to fasten to a specified setting thereby limiting stripped threads and damage.

Although it may just look like a big ratchet, the Mechpro Torque Wrench has a special internal mechanism which is set-up using the collar on the handle of the wrench to apply a specific, pre-determined amount of torque (force) to a nut, bolt or other type of fastener. Once the desired torque level is set, simply use the torque wrench like a normal ratchet until you feel and hear a click from within the internals of your torque wrench. The Mechpro torque wrench kits come standard with a tidy hard case, an extension bar and socket adapter, however we also offer a kit with a few common size sockets.

You might be wondering why such a specific torque setting is required when working on your car, but its really something you shouldn't overlook. Certain driveline components including something as simple as your wheels have recommended torque settings to ensure they remain tight throughout heat cycles, road vibration and other kinds of abuse so you stay safe and intact on the roads.

Other instances where torque wrenches are required is when assembling vital engine components such as con-rod bolts, head bolts, water pumps and so forth. Torque settings are required here to ensure that no damage is done to components or the engine block by overtightening and stretching threads or leaving things too loose and causing catastrophic engine failure in the future.

Check your manufacturer specifications for exact torque figures when using this tool as all engines and drivelines vary greatly. Keep an eye out for TTY or 'torque to yield' settings too, this requires you to tighten to a specified setting and then add a quarter or half turn for example. Ditch the rattle gun and opt for a more calculated, satisfying approach with our full range of hand tools in-store or online with Repco today.

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