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Punches & Chisel Sets

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Repco 8 Piece Pin Punch Set - RTK2900
Repco 6 Piece Punch & Chisel Set - RTK2910
GV Tools Punch And Chisel Set 7 Piece - GV167
Toledo Number Punch Set 9pc 6mm - 301617
Toledo Heavy Duty Chisel Set 6pc - 301183
Toledo Number Punch Set 5mm - 301616

Gear Up Microfibre Rags 1kg

Super water absorption and drying anything faster and easier!

Toledo Letter Punch Set 10mm - 301630
Toledo Taper Punch Set 5 Piece - 301620
Toledo Chisel & Punch Set 15 Piece - 301149
Toledo Number Punch Set 10mm - 301619
Toledo Hollow Wad Punch Set - 321200
Toledo Letter Punch Set 6mm - 301628
Toledo Centre Punch Automatic - 321040
Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products

Quality punches and chisels for all your workshop requirements

Punching, striking and gripping don't just happen in the Octagon, they are as much a part of workshop life and vehicle servicing when using our quality ranges of chisels, pliers and punch kits. Whether you need a set of pliers incorporating a pair of side cutter pliers, or you are looking for a punches and cold chisel set we have the range and solutions to stop wrestling with your jobs and help you turn out first rate work.

Pliers come in a vast range of configurations and no one pair suits all requirements. Circlip pliers, locking pliers, slip joint and needle nose pliers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding a set of plier that are just right for the job you are tackling. Don't be buying your pliers one set at a time when we have the tailored sets designed to cover a range of tasks and uses. Engineered to stand up to the rigours of garage life you can outfit your tool arsenal with one or more sets to enable you to complete any job.

Chisels and punches are tools that may not be used everyday but when they are needed they are invaluable to tackle some of the trickier jobs in the workshop. Getting a bearing shell out of a wheel hub, making indentations prior to drilling or freeing captive split pins are just some of the jobs that a quality chisel and punch set will enable you to achieve. Don't be putting a blunt edge of your good screwdrivers when these tools have the hardened steel and fine edge to safely and accurately direct force to whatever you are striking.

Kitting out your tool chest or trolley is easy with the wide range of quality tool options at Repco. Stocking the finest names in tools such as Knipex, Milwaukee or Toledo means that we have the range of Tools and Equipment to last a lifetime.

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