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Endeavour 4 in 1 Trip Computer / OBDII Scan Tool - ET2705

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  • OBDII / EOBD code reader
  • Reads / Clears engine codes
  • Turn off check engine light
  • Vehicle black box saving up to 300 hours of driving data
  • 12V Compatible
  • Compatability check :
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Monitor your vehicles vital signs with the Endeavour 4 in 1 Trip Computer

Have the benefits of a comprehensive OBDII Scan Tool at your fingertips with the Endeavour 4 in 1 Trip Computer. Designed to monitor a vast array of critical engine and system functions this unit does more than just clearing an engine warning light. Dependant on vehicle and ECU functions you can access and assess multiple points on your vehicle to ensure maximum performance and economy. Don't be paying bulk dollars to have mechanics give you fault code numbers or quote massive repair bills when you can accurately diagnose what your vehicle is doing. Make the investment and experience the benefits of this compact yet feature packed unit.

All new cars in Australia from 2005 come equipped with the ODBII configuration so check the full list of OBDII compliant vehicles please reference this link -

TurboGauge can be configured to measure and monitor up to four different sets of information simultaneously, providing real-time engine performance analysis to allow you to adjust driving behavior and improve fuel economy. The information available varies from vehicle to vehicle. If the information is not available for a certain gauge, the trip computer shows "“".

Whilst the ability to reset check engine light features prominently in the usage of any quality ODBII Scan Tool this unit also allows for the monitoring of functions such as-

  • Malfunction Indicator Lamp / Check Engine Light Status (MIL)
  • Misfire Monitoring (MIS)
  • Fuel System Monitoring (Fuel)
  • Comprehensive Component Monitoring (CCM)
  • Catalyst Monitoring (CAT)
  • Heated Catalyst Monitoring (HCAT)
  • Evaporative System Monitoring (EVAP)
  • Secondary Air System Monitoring (AIR)
  • A/C System Refrigerant Monitoring (ACRF)
  • Oxygen Sensor Heater Monitoring (O2S)
  • Oxygen Sensor Heater Monitoring (HTR)
  • EGR System Monitoring (EGR)
  • Fuel system 1 status (LP1)
  • Fuel system 2 status (LP2)
  • Calculated load value (LOD)
  • Engine coolant temperature (ECT)
  • Fuel rail pressure (FRP)
  • Intake manifold absolute pressure (MAP)
  • Engine speed (RPM) & Vehicle speed (VSS)
  • Ignition timing advance for #1 cylinder (IGN)
  • Intake air temperature (IAT)
  • Air flow rate from mass air flow sensor (MAF)
  • Absolute throttle position (TP)
  • Battery voltage (VLT)

Providing not just monitoring and diagnostic of your vehicle, this tool is able to save up to 300 hours of driving data. Use the data from this function to assess performance and fuel economy to help you save money. Data from each trip is recorded for the following categories - Time and date each trip starts and ends, Duration time travelled each trip, Distance travelled each trip, Fuel used, Cost of fuel used, Average speed, Maximum speed during trip, Average LPH (Litres per Hr), Average LHK (Litres per Km)


  • Weight: 0.33kg

This compact unit is easy to mount under the dash or out of the way and the cable gives you options to locate within easy reach.

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